DSI director Alex Scrivener: “Direct connection between gender equality and security”

Speaking to Euronews, DSI’s director, Alex Scrivener, has underlined the importance of democratic values and gender equality for security of democracies in the Black Sea region such as Ukraine and Georgia.

He made the remarks on the sidelines of a conference on nuclear non-proliferation in the Black Sea region, organised by the Civil Council on Defence and Security and Black Sea Women in Nuclear Network with support from the US Embassy in Tbilisi.

DSI’s executive director Alex Scrivener said:

“Ukraine is winning because Ukraine is a better society, because Ukraine has democracy, because Ukraine has the right values. This is how Ukraine, as a whole society, is beating Russia in this military conflict. This is the only example you need to see how democracy and security are indivisible. We Georgians need to learn the same lessons from this. For example, gender equality, which you might think is unconnected to security, is in fact closely connected to it. When we become a more democratic state we will also become more secure. When our institutions and our state are more open, more transparent, they will also be stronger, and we will also be stronger in the face of the Russian threat”.