Areg Kochinyan

Areg studied at the Faculty of History of Yerevan State University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in 2015 and a master’s degree in 2017. In 2017, he also attained a bachelor’s degree in “Political Science” at the Faculty of International Relations of the same university. Later, he graduated from the American Institute of Political and Economic Studies of Charles University in Prague and the Diplomatic School of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Currently, he is doing a post-graduate course of the chair of World History, Faculty of History, Yerevan State University. Since 2022, Areg has been the president of “Research Center on Security Policy” NGO. In parallel, since 2022, he has worked at “X-Art” CJSC as the deputy CEO. 2020-2021 Areg worked as a history teacher at the Gazprom Armenia Educational-Sport Complex. 2018-2020 he worked as a press secretary in the RA Security Council. 2017-2018 Areg worked as the main coordinator of social and educational programs and projects in the Development and Investment Fund of Syunik Region of RA. 2016-2018 he served as the president of “Enlight” Public Research Center NGO. 2014-2015 he was a Member of the Presidency of “European Youth Parliament” NGO and chief coordinator of local events and projects. 2013-2016 Areg worked as a program coordinator in “The Future is Yours” NGO. Areg has appeared in hundreds of television, radio, print and other interviews, being author of numerous articles, columns and analyses. He has participated in over two hundred international and Armenian conferences and educational programs. 2011-2013 he served in RA Armed Forces, having achieved over 20 service awards and the rank of senior lieutenant of the reserve.

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