Crunch time for Georgia’s opposition Why reforming the 5% electoral threshold is the key to the 2024 election

Policy Briefing by Andro Atoev

Over two years have passed since the 2020 parliamentary elections in Georgia. The election was the usual Georgian affair: rallies, boycotts, a refusal to accept the results, EU mediation, and plenty of additional political wrangling. As a result, the 10th Parliament of Georgia is semifunctioning, or at least, not reaching its full potential.

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Andro Atoev is Krakow-based, Tbilisi-born observer and occasional pundit of Georgian and regional politics and international affairs. For over 10 years he has worked in the corporate world in finance and human resources fields having previously graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering. He joins EDSN as a rising scholar to enhance his links to the Eurasia regional analytical community and continue his growth as a researcher and analyst.