Online Panel Discussion

Eurasia Democratic Security Network (EDSN)
organizes an online panel discussion on

“Can Georgia do it? A discussion on the prospects of Georgia fulfilling the EU’s conditions to achieve candidate status”

Date: 9 September, 2022, 18:00 Tbilisi time
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Mariam Laskhi MP, Deputy chair, Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Georgia
Professor Natalie Sabanadze, Mount Holyoake College, Head of Georgian Mission to the EU
(2013-21), ESDN Fellow 2022
Vano Chkhikvadze, Program Manager, Open Society Georgia Foundation
Chaired by Aleko Scrivener, Program Manager, EDSN

The historic announcement that Ukraine and Moldova would be granted official EU candidate status was bittersweet for Georgians as they instead were served with a list of conditions. In a world in which increasingly authoritarian Serbia and Turkey are both candidates, and Orban’s Hungary is a full EU member, the disappointment in Georgia, long a regional leader in European integration, was palpable. But the question for the future is can Georgia now fulfil these criteria within the timeframe announced by the EU? What is the Georgian government’s strategy for doing so? What can local civil society and friends of Georgia abroad do to help secure a positive result? This event will seek to get beyond the political division and backward-looking accounts of what could have been and discuss what the optimal strategy for Georgia is going forward

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